Workers Compensation

Injured on the job?

If you have suffered an injury, illness, or death while performing duties related to your employment you have the absolute legal right to file a claim for workers compensation benefits. In most cases the person is temporarily unable to return to their jobs; therefore, they are entitled to what is referred to as payments for temporary total disability. After the person has reached a full recovery, our job is to get them the highest settlement possible for any permanent impairment they may have received due to this injury.

You may be entitled to more than workers compensation benefits if you are injured on the job. Workers compensation benefits will cover your medical expenses, partially reimburse you for lost income while you're unable to work, and often give you a small award for the permanency of your injury. In almost all cases these amounts are grossly insufficient to fully compensate the individual.

In many cases we are able to pursue recovery from what is referred to as a "third-party", someone other than you or your employer. For example, if the injured person is driving a delivery vehicle and they are in a motor vehicle collision, that injured worker has a claim for workers compensation benefits as well as a claim against the other motorist for their injuries. In addition to motor vehicle collisions at some of the more common third-party actions include:

         •construction accidents

         •defective manufacturing and industrial equipment

         •large operations involving multiple employers

         •elevator accidents

We are here to help you and your family recover compensation for your workplace injury.