With more than 30 years of experience litigating cases, with a proven track record of producing excellent results for our clients, Driggers law firm is often asked by other lawyers/Law firms to assist them on their cases. In fact, almost 25% of our present case load is due to the confidence other lawyers have placed in us to achieve a result greater than they could have achieved on their own.

We also are not reluctant to associate other attorneys when the client would benefit from such an association. Throughout my career I have seen more than my share of lawyers who put their own interests above those of their clients by refusing to associate another lawyer. Their decision is purely monetary: They would rather keep the entire fee rather than sharing that fee with another lawyer.

Making money, particularly at the client's expense, has never been our motivation. We are not the least bit reluctant to associate another attorney if we think such an association would produce a greater settlement for the client. We are quite content sharing a fee, as we know we have complied with our ethical duty of always putting the interests of the client above our own.

Case Results

Unlike most law firms, I refuse to post what I will refer to as a"brag list" of settlements/verdicts I have achieved throughout my30-year career. I do this because I recognize that all of those settlements and verdicts were caused by someone being robbed of a life they could, and should, have enjoyed but for a wrongdoer’s negligence/recklessness. In the more extreme cases involving multimillion dollar damages, I know that each and everyone of those clients would gladly send that check back to the insurance company in exchange for being able to turn back the hands of time to the minute right before they suffered a catastrophic injury.

We relish the opportunity to prove defendants and their hiredlaw firm wrong when they take the initial misperception that we are a "small-town firm.” Much like David slew Goliath, we have the manpower, resources, and the know-how to tackle the largest of giants.

Throughout my career I have regularly wrestled with multi-billion dollar corporations including automobile manufacturers; the largest insurance companies in the nation; multinational corporations; trucking companies; waste haulers; etc. These corporations are routinely represented by large law firms — some with more than 500 attorneys on their payroll — with offices strung out all over this great country of ours. Nonetheless, we have gone toe-to-toe with them and walked away from a hard-fought victory having earned their sincere respect.