Personal Water Craft Injuries Including Jet Skis

I learned safe boating skills at a very early age from my father, who was a tugboat captain for 35 years in the Charleston harbor. I still remember the days when he would take me to work and let me ride the tug with him. He taught me the basic navigational rules on the water including the significance of red versus green buoy/markers, effect of the tide on operating a motor vessel; how to pass approaching water craft; etc.


Regrettably, every year there are numerous boating accidents caused by boat operators who failed to follow these basic navigational rules. As a result, passengers and boaters suffer significant injuries and/or death in the following areas:


          •Operating a boat while grossly intoxicated

          •Operating at an excessive speed

          •Failing to keep a proper lookout

          •Inability to properly moor a boat


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