Nursing Home - Assisted Living Center Claims

When one is admitted into an assisted living or other type of nursing home, the family would like to believe the highest level of personal care will be given. Assisted-living providers have not only a moral but a legal responsibility to provide appropriate care and also to notify family members of health problems or injuries. Unfortunately, all too often these facilities fail miserably in their responsibilities by neglecting their patient.


Sometimes family members have absolutely no idea their loved one is receiving negligent medical care or sometimes, is a victim of physically abusive behavior. In some of the more extreme cases the victim may suffer from a debilitating disease, such as Alzheimer's, which prevents them from recounting the tortuous treatment they have been receiving by care providers or from other residents in the facility. Our law firm is experienced and equipped to litigate cases against assisted-living and nursing homes for injuries, or, in some cases wrongful death, rising from the following types of conduct:

         •Medication Error           
Malnutrition And Dehydration 
•Physical abuse by employees and/or other residents
         •Failure to diagnose and treat

If you suspect your loved one is not receiving appropriate care contact us immediately. We are ready, willing, and able to aggressively represent the rights of your loved ones.