Dog Bites

I am a dog lover. Have you been all my life, from when I was a little boy and my mom brought home a Chihuahua. I now own a Labrador Retriever, who comes to work with me every day and has his own large bed right next to my desk. They are, like most Labrador Retrievers, as tame and friendly as you would ever want a dog to be paid back, make no mistake about it, he is capable of unleashing a vicious attack if provoked.

Unfortunately, many dogs need absolutely no provocation whatsoever to maim and, in some extreme cases, kill humans and other animals. In our local newspaper you can read at least 5 to 6 such stories each year; on the Internet you can read dozens more. As you read the stories they seem almost and believable – that a dog would suddenly "go off" on another dog or human. Yet, it happens over and over again.

Statistics tell us by far the leading breed of dog to unleash these vicious attacks is the pit bull. And, as everyone knows that these bulls can be, and have been, bred specifically for the sport of dog killing. It is in their genes. With their powerful jaws they can literally rip chunks of flesh and bone from the victim. And, when they get a death grip on another dog's neck, they will not let go until that dog has been drained of his life.

Under South Carolina law the owner or keeper of a dog is strictly liable for any injuries his dogs may cause, so long as the attack was not provoked. It does not matter whether the dog has never ever bitten anyone, or shown any signs of aggression. The owner is still responsible.

We have successfully handled many dog bite cases. Regrettably, some of these cases have involved young children who have been bitten in the worst place possible – their face. While plastic surgery is a wonderful and fantastic field of medicine, even it sometimes is incapable of preparing the scars caused by a vicious dog attack.

If you or loved one have become the victim of a dog attack, we are here to help you.