Bicyclists or Pedestrian Injuries

All too often it takes a tragedy to prompt legislative change. Such is the case with laws regarding bicyclists. In 2006 and again in 2007, bicyclists were killed while operating bicycles in Charleston South Carolina. An activist group was quickly formed which lobbied the legislature to require motorists to give bicyclists a "safe distance" when passing one. Regrettably, motorists continue to severely injure, and in some cases, kill innocent bicyclists.

Pedestrians also have little to no chance of avoiding serious injuries and/or death when struck by a motorist. Particularly with the failure of our legislature to outlaw text messaging, distracted motorists fail to recognize an individual lawfully crossing an intersection or crosswalk.

If you or a member of your family has been injured or killed while riding a bike or as a pedestrian, we are here for you. We have helped many victims over our career to obtain compensation they deserve from the insurance companies responsible for their claim.

In some of these cases the motorists will flee from the scene and never be found in order to be held accountable. That does not mean that the injured person is not entitled to compensation. If a pedestrian or bicyclist has a personal vehicle with automobile insurance, or their spouse or live-in relative has one, the injured person may be able to file for uninsured benefits to cover their loss.