Bad Faith Insurance Claims


Have you noticed how insurance companies love to use TV commercials and billboards to promise they will take care of you. For example, State Farm's "like a good neighbor State Farm is there"; or, better yet Allstate’s "you're in good hands with Allstate". Unfortunately, like many relationships, once you sign on to be their partner it is a whole new ball game.


Insurance is big business. By "big" I mean these are multibillion dollar corporations. And how do corporations get big? Easy. They earn a profit by taking in more in revenue than they pay out in business expenses. In the insurance industry the revenue is insurance premiums; the expenses are claims and legal fees.


If you think for a moment that your insurance company is going to always and automatically pay the full value of the claim you submit, you better think again. Even though the law requires that they owe a duty of good faith to you in processing your claim, they will often deny or reduce your claim in the hope that you will accept it without getting a lawyer.


We aggressively take on insurance companies. It does not matter to us that they are bigger than we are. Remember, it was David that slew Goliath. Among the type of insurance claims we handled include:


          Homeowners claims, particularly refusal to pay for fire loss

          Life insurance claims

          Disability health insurance claims

          Underinsured motorist claims

          Uninsured motorist claims
First party – your insurance company – refusing to pay a legitimate claim


The insurance companies are very smart at what they do. They have a very smart game plan to drag the claims process out so long you have lost your legal opportunity to file a lawsuit.


If you or someone you know is getting jerked around by an insurance company, contact us immediately.